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Experience the story through Christian art, music, drama, and dance:  "Celebrate One Solitary Life"

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Jane Wellford

Moving Liturgy


Liturgical Dancers  

“Liturgical dance is dance or gesture used within worship (by skilled or novice dancers) for the glory of God.  It is intended to add depth and dimension to the spoken or sung text and/or music within the worship service by use of visual display, as enhancement for the words as they come to life through movement and drama.  Liturgical dance may also be performed in silence without the use of words or music.  Many of the movements choreographed are literal and easily understood by those witnessing while the dancers create a tapestry of movement for the viewer much like an externalized prayer.


Sacred dance has been a continued presence in many faith practices since the beginning of time and has a long, rich history, especially in the Christian faith.  Within the Holy Bible of Judeo-Christian scriptures, so much of the history of the Hebrew people is threaded time after time with accounts of dances of the sacred, both communal and solo, in prayer or in celebration.”


.  .  .  Jane Wellford

Director of Moving Liturgy




 Moving Liturgy Dance Ensemble is a professional liturgical dance troupe based in Burlington, North Carolina.  The dancers in this ensemble have been sharing their ministry of dance as a visual enhancement for worship for over twenty years in churches and at national conferences.  With a repertory of 192 classical and contemporary works, Moving Liturgy has performed extensively sharing dances of worship with over 250 congregations.  Within Moving Liturgy’s ministry of movement, one of their goals is to make worship a lasting experience by giving congregations “visual aids”.  It has been proven that what one sees makes a more lasting impression than what one hears.  Moving Liturgy combines the auditory and the visual for an extra sensory impression as the words are revealed before the congregation’s eyes by visual tapestry of dance and drama.  Whether it is from sharing readings from scriptures through movement, or performing to sung or instrumental music, Moving Liturgy uses the human body to dramatize the life and teachings of Christ.  At times, these dances are reflective and thought provoking, and at other times joyful and celebrative.  The dancers in Moving Liturgy were given the gift of dance, and through this artistic ministry, their gifts of dance and drama bring worship to a whole new dimension for the glory of God. 

Dancing to Liturgy




Wellford Dancing

Jane Welford


“Liturgical dance is color, pageantry, costume, dance, drama, music and scripture incarnate. It is a tasteful means of proclaiming Jesus Christ in Worship.”

Stephen M. Crotts, Pastor

Burlington, NC

Jane Wellford, Director of Moving Liturgy, brings 30 years of experience as a Liturgical Dance Consultant to this movement ministry.  Wellford is a teacher, performer, choreographer, writer and lecturer on the subject of liturgical dance.   Wellford is currently a faculty member at Elon University where she teaches dance history, sacred dance, choreography, dance improvisation and fine arts in the schools.


Members of the company include Anita McCraven Davis (BFA in Dance, Stephens College, MFA, UNC-G), Betsy Reeves (BS in Dance, UNC-G), Ingrid McCraven Shatterly (BA in Dance, UNC-G), Ginger Strickland (BA in Psychology, East Carolina University and Former Owner/Director of Arts Alive Studios), Nicole Troxler (BA in Dance, UNC-G), and Jane Wellford (MFA in Dance, UNC-G).




Liturgical Dance Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations


We offer beginning through advanced workshops for varieties of groups such as children, youth, adults, seniors, and church leaders where the following information is shared: How to begin dance, movement and gesture within your worship by learning through prayers, psalms, benedictions, processionals, scripture readings, litanies, hymns, parables, movement vocabulary, history, repertory and handouts for sacred dance in worship.  All of these may be part of this experience.  A lecture-demonstration is also available upon request on liturgical or sacred dance.


Liturgical Dance Within Your Worship Service


Moving Liturgy welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with worship leaders, musicians, and choirs to create a desired worship event of the host church’s choice.  Also available, Moving Liturgy offers repertory works within your church’s’ existing order of worship to enhance what your church already has in place.  Such dances might include favorite hymns, processionals, call to worship, the Lord’s Prayer, offertory, scripture readings, children’s message, special anthems or cantatas, benedictions, and recessionals.


Liturgical Dance Worship Concert


A concert may include a collection of sacred dances from any of the church seasons, with some explanation of choreography and interpretation woven into the concert for clarity in understanding.   An example concert may be a tapestry of classical and contemporary dance from Moving Liturgy’s 192 repertory works ranging from introspective and thought provoking, to light and often humorous.   Moving Liturgy performs to the music of such artists as John Rutter, G. B.

Pergolesi, J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel, A Cappella, Take 6, Pamela Warrick-Smith, and Beethoven.   



“The power of sacred dance is that it echoes the opening of John’s Gospel: ‘And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.’ Sacred dance serves the worshipping community by embodying the gospel, teaching that God’s grace is the very life that flows through every breath and movement of our being.”


Richard McBride

Chaplain, Elon University

 The Power of Dance

“Moving Liturgy’s ability to transform worship into a visual experience is truly God-given.  They have a unique gift to interpret the Word spoken, sung, or played.  Their talents bring a beauty, an energy, and an understanding to our worship of our Creator God.”


Patrick Murphy

Director of Music Ministry

First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, N. C.

Moving Liturgy 


For more information about Moving Liturgy  Dance Ensemble, please contact:


Jane C. Wellford

513 N. Gurney Street

Burlington, N. C.  27215

336-584-1628 (home)

336-278-5693 (office